Analysis Reports
A1 Report For Health Insurance Scheme:

          A1.1   Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme

A2 Functional Needs Reports:

          A2.1   Specific Needs

          A2.2   General Needs

A3 General Profile of PwDs (All Disabilities):

          A3.1  General Profile of Eligible PwDs (All Disabilities)

A4: Causes, Subtypes, Percentage of disability and functional needs (specific of disabiities)

          A.4.1 Locomotor Disability

                   R.4.1.1:Causes, subtypes, Percentages

                   A.4.1.2: Functional needs

                   A.4.1.3: Disability Sub Type Report

          A.4.2 Visual Impairment

                   A.4.2.1:Causes, Performance ability, Cateogories, Percentages

                   A.4.2.2: Functional needs

                   A.4.2.3: Disability Sub Type Report

          A.4.3 Hearing Impairment

                   A.4.3.1:Causes, Performance ability, Percentages

                   A.4.3.2: Functional needs

                   A.4.3.3: Disability Sub Type Report

          A.4.4 Mental Retardation

                   A.4.4.1:Causes, Performance ability, Percentages

                   A.4.4.2: Functional needs

                   A.4.4.3: Disability Sub Report

          A.4.5 Menat Illness

                   A.4.5.1:Causes, Percentages

                   A.4.5.2: Functional needs

                   A.4.5.3: Disability Sub Type Report