Reports Details
        R1.1   PWDs Personal Information (Part A Filled) Abstract
R2 Assessment Reports:

        R2.1   State Wise Cumulative Report

        R2.2   District and Phase wise Assessed PWD's cumulative Report - Abstract

        R2.3   District wise Assessed Rachabanda PWD's cumulative Report - Abstract

        R2.4   District wise Reassessed PWD's cumulative Report - Abstract

        R2.5   State Level Disability Wise Count Abstract

        R2.6   Agewise Assessed Report
R3 Who are not Come to SADAREM Camp Reports:

        R3.1   SADAREM Camp Not Attended PWD's Report
R4 PWD's Demography Details Reports:

        R4.1   PWD's Educational wise - Details

        R4.2   PWD's Caste Wise - Details

        R4.3   PWD's Age Wise - Details

        R4.4   PWD's Marital Status Wise - Details

        R4.5   PWD's Employment Status - Details

        R4.6   Consanguineous Marriage of PWS's Parents - Details

R5 Criteria Details Reports: - Search to get PWD's Information

        R5.1   Search by pension number / SADAREMID / Territory wise / Name/ Relative Name

        R5.2   Search by Age and Gender/Type of disability/ Qualification/ Territory

        R5.3   Search by PensionNo Report

        R5.4   Ration card Members Details

R6 Appellate Authority Registred Status Report:

        R6.1   Appellate Authority Registred Status Report

        R6.2   Re-Assessment Camp Wise Report

R7 Physical Requirements Report:

        R7.1   Physical Requirements Report

R8 Cluster Report:

        R8.1   Cluster Wise Report

R9 Marriage Insentive Award:

        R9.1   Marriage Insentive Award

R10 RDCall Center SADAREM Grievances Report:

        R10.1   District and Status Wise Grievances Report

        R10.2   District and Month Wise Grievances Report

        R10.3   District and Request Type Wise Grievances Report

R11 SHG's Report:

        R11.1   SHG's Report

        R11.2   SHG's Eligible Report